Managing Your Health with Regular Physical Therapy Checkups

Many physical therapy patients’ co-morbidities arise from an unchecked acute trauma from early life, current habits, surgeries in “unrelated” body parts, and a lifestyle of commitments for others or even self-righteous endeavors. They all add up later in life as pain.

Private payors will not reimburse your provider for “maintenance.” Paying cash is usually an ethical way to go. Paying cash can help you pay for ethical services such as a preventive check-up from your trusted provider. Ever go to a dentist regularly for teeth clean or an annual check-up? You can medically use your physical therapist for your somatic health as well.

You can do this after a car accident, after coming back home after a few weeks of travel, or just bi-annually for example. If more visits are warranted, you need to have a conversation with your doctor of physical therapy (DPT). This may even be more valuable per $1 spent than getting a referral for physical therapy from a medical doctor. If your case is not a good candidate for physical therapy, your DPT will have the skills to refer you out accordingly. This is called “direct access.”

Believe it or not, you can pay cash for physical therapy services. This can be a viable option for you. Your insurance company will only reimburse for the services rendered from your provider for treatment that is “medically necessary.” And this doesn’t mean “prevention.” Ironically, they will not reimburse for your maintenance and your prevention.

Ask your trusted DPT provider about cash opportunities. Remember, that your physical health is the ultimate wealth. So get rich!

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