I’m A Failure: Case #2

Case #2: Patient was referred to me for status post ORIF surgery to her right tibia and fibula due to fractures of her right ankle. She came for physical therapy and she was very scared because of her experience with trauma and never having surgery before. I was able to give her some encouragement and a good prognosis of her rehabilitation at the initial PT visit.

With each PT visit, her pain and mobility were improving. She started going for her weekend hikes and coming in to PT only to manage her pain. She was always too sore and in too much pain to do exercises so she reported. Due to insurance’s fee for service reimbursement rates, we could only provide 30 minute physical therapy treatment visits. Despite warnings and patient education, she continued to show up to her physical therapy visits regularly in pain and leaving always feeling better.

Until one day I found out from the front desk that her insurance ran out and that she can no longer come in for physical therapy.

I felt like I failed.

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