Conservative Care with Outpatient Physical Therapy Other Than Musckuloskeletal (MSK): A Referenced Ted Talk Commentary on Type 2 Diabetes

Physical therapy is conservative care. Aside for other modailities available in the healthcare system, my physical therapy patients can benefit with more.

I feel strongly that all physical therapists can take the full initiative and thus take the FULL advantage of one’s scope of practice. To clarify, I mean beyond the shoulder, knee, and low back problem. And–in accordance to local laws–make strong encouragements to a patient to not only help make musculoskeletal (MSK) improvements but to also take it further to improve diet and lifestyle changes. In the case of this blog, physical therapists can do a better job of screening to help patients improve the control of type 2 diabetes or decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes for patients who are at risk.

Of course, in practicing physical therapy, exercising the full scope of practice in this subject matter at hand would be within my peers’ confidence and comfort zones. But providing treatments via consultation or even just referring one’s patient to a specialist can help patients who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetic, or even at risk.

Due to COVID-19, recently, I’m seeing patients who are less active and have poor habits of an increased sedentary lifestyle. This can increase the risk for one being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Dr. Sarah Hallberg makes an interesting case for not only treating type 2 diabetes. She even makes a case for the need to reverse it. She also provides a solution to help reverse it.

Before viewing the attached 18+ minute Ted Talk, for quick reference, Dr. Hallberg shares her “Rules for Eating.” Below is listed for your quick reference:

  1.  If it says “light,” “low-fat,” or “fat-free” it must stay in the grocery store.
  2. EAT FOOD.
  3. Don’t eat anything you don’t like.
  4. Eat when you are hungry.  Don’t eat when you are not.
  5. NO GPS — No grains, potatoes, or sugar.

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